Fine Art Collective

Fine Art Collective

Fine Art Printables: Canadian paper products, printed and produced on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

EXCLUSIVE VANCOUVER ISLAND FINE ARTISTS featuring the natural beauty of the West Coast of Canada

Dan Telosky
 Marine Artist

Dan grew up along the shores of Discovery Passage on Vancouver Island, with a clear view of British Columbia's marine environment.
His interest in, and affinity for, B.C.'s working boats has grown over the years, and what began as artistic dabbling has advanced to his all consuming passion.
Dan resides in Campbell River, Vancouver Island.

Eiko Jones

Unique portrayals of our world through the lens of a camera.
Jones specializes in dramatic and surreal images from above and below the surface of the water. As an award winning Canadian underwater photographer, Jones strives to capture the natural and human in a way that inspires and motivates.
Jones currently resides on Vancouver Island.

Tom Hunt Jr.
 Master Carver

Tom is a Kwakwaka'wakw Master Carver and was a Coppermaker for twelve years; he is known as Copper-breaking Frog of Tlinget ancestry from Fort Rupert, Vancouver Island.
Fully trained through First Nations' cultural traditions, Tom's work can be seen exhibited in galleries throughout the Northwestern Pacific Region.

James Headrick
Still In Motion

Still in Motion Media is a Vancouver Island photography, videography and editing service specializing in nurturing and capturing our unique community and culture. James specializes in photography featuring Sports, Nature and Community.
James' style is transcending & is unique which is complimentary to the environments in which he enjoys adn excels working in.

Patrick (Bud) Logan

Born in Chilliwack, B.C., Patrick has lived on Vancouver Island since 1961. A professional artist for more than 30 years, Patrick has always been involved in art.
He was one of ten artists chosen to represent Canada at the 1994 Commonwealth Games.
You can find Patrick’s art as original canvases, limited prints, art cards, carvings, and drums including pow wow drums. Patrick’s father was Cree and his mother English.

Jessica Chickite

A Lekwiltok native artist born in 1982 from the Cape Mudge Band (We Wai Kai), Jessica is the great granddaughter of the late hereditary chief Johnny Chickite, daughter of Max and Barbara Chickite. She has been known to follow in her father’s footsteps since the age of nine, when she won her first native art contest. Jessica utilizes many of the techniques taught by her father, but has grown to develop a
unique style of her own. She uses paper, wood, canvas, and deer hide drums.
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